USEED@ANU Campaign Application
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To begin the application process, we would like to collect some information about you and your crowdfunding idea. This process will take about 10-15 minutes.

Upon submission, our team will review and assess your application.  Please take your time as your application will help us evaluate you suitability for the platform.

If your application meets our program criteria, a USEED@ANU Advisor will follow up to schedule a virtual one-hour interview session with you and anyone else you feel should attend. If it does not meet our criteria, we will provide feedback on what would be required to reapply to the program.

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ANU Consultation

In order to be accepted into this program, you will need to have consulted with an ANU
staff member or a staff member of an ANU affiliated organisation (i.e. ANU Sport,
Burgmann College, John XXIII College) about your idea that you plan to crowdfund for.
Please contact Annual Giving if you need further information.
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A similar project may already be in operation or existing funding may be available for your

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In two to three sentences, please provide an overview of your group, organisation, or
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1) What you do?
2) How you do it?
3) Why you do it?
4) Who is involved?
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Your Campaign Proposal:

A critical component to winning support is answering the question:

"What will you do with the money your raise?"

Please answer that question below in as much detail as possible.*

In two to four paragraphs, share what you will use the money you raise to accomplish. *

For example, if you were a student organisation that was seeking to raise funding for aservice learning trip abroad, we would want to know where you are going, what you plan todo there, how much it will cost, who is going on the trip, what impact will this have to theANU Community, etc.
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Your Team:

Almost finished! Having a large and active community to support your campaign can make a huge difference in your team's ability to achieve your fundraising goal.

Tell us about your team, alumni network, and other communities you may be able toengage.
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For instance, if you are a student organisation and you have a list of 50 members, but only 20 of them regularly attend meetings and activities, then you would type in "20" as your answer.
How many active members from your group, organization or program do you anticipate will fundraise on behalf of this campaign? *

Crowdfunding is a team sport! The more team members you are able to recruit, the more likely you will achieve your fundraising goal.

On average, each team member raises about $500!
Please provide the names and email addresses of those who will be or are likely to be involved in leading this crowdfunding campaign
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If accepted into the program, you will be required to identify 5-8 people to join your campaign's Leadership Team.  Your Leadership Team will participate in an online Leadership Coaching Program to help you and your team succeed in reaching your fundraising goal.  If you already know who may volunteer to participate in this capacity, please share their information here.

Anyone can participate as a team leader for your campaign, such as executive members of your organisation, general members who are seeking leadership experience, faculty or staff members, and alumni.
Does your group, organisation, or program have an alumni network that you stay connected with?

If yes, how many people (estimated) are in your alumni network?

Does your group, organization, or program have any sponsors or partners that you work closely with?

What type of relationship does your group, organization, or program have with sponsors or partners?

If not applicable, please type:  "N/A"

For example: Materials contribution, Financial contribution, etc
Has your group, organisation, or program received any funding in the past?

If your group, organisation, or program already fundraises, how much do you typically raise each year?

If there is any additional information about your crowdfunding proposal you would like to include, please share it here.

Terms and Conditions:

1. All funds raised through USEED@ANU Crowdfunding must be solely used for the intended purpose outlined in the application.  Any project that does not adhere to this will be required to repay the monies in full.

2. All funds raised must be used in 6 months of receipt unless otherwise agreed with ANU Alumni Relations and Philanthropy. 

3. A brief final report to be provided to ANU Alumni Relations and Philanthropy within 6 weeks of project's completion (or in case of a pre-existing project/program) that includes:
- Full information on how the money was used (including receipts where possible)
- Photographs of project (if appropriate)
- How funds raised through the USEED@ANU has benefited the group, school, department, university, or wider community.
- Quotes from students/individuals who have benefited from the project.

4. Should the project fall below budget, any remaining funds should be spent in accordance with the purpose for which it was raised in consultation with the Alumni Relations and Philanthropy Office.

5. USEED@ANU program participants will be asked to participate in occasional activities and events involving donors to help demonstrate how their gifts are making a difference.
I have read the Terms and Conditions: *

Thank you for applying to our Crowdfunding Program.
You can anticipate a response from a USEED Crowdfunding Advisor shortly!